“At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield(URW), we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion is undeniably vital to our business and have a responsibility to ensure our colleagues and workplace mirror the diversity of our customers who visit our shopping centres, globally. Our company purpose is to ‘Reinvent Being Together’ and having that as our core commitment means we embracea range of perspectives, experience, and skills and also create an environment of belonging forall our people - and with2 continents, 12 countries -that is a lot of background and cultures!

This is captured with our Be You at URW commitment, which is signed by our entire Management Board and Executive Committee,andensures everyone within URW can be their most authentic selves. The vast programme includes a leadership commitment to increase diversity including a minimum of 40 percent women in senior management roles by 2025, with clearactions and objectives in place to drive forward a better balance and to tackle under representation.

It was also important to us to help educate and inform our colleagues on a global level and thereforewe rolled out Unconscious Bias Training to all URW teams world-wide, equipping them to diversify their teams and themselves. Equally, Be You Networks have championed a wide variety of initiatives throughout the year to celebrate inclusive actions, behaviours, and mindsets. These initiatives included, International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day panel discussions with our own colleagues; interviews with our colleagues on their faiths and traditions;a Black History Month education series and Let’s Talk about Race workshop and awareness during Lesbian Visibility Week, LGBTQ+ Pride and beyond.

"It is only through open and honest conversations where differences between people are celebrated, embraced, and valued that we can make for a stronger workplace and help everyone to truly feel welcome and be themselves"

At URW we are dedicated to ensuring full equal opportunities in HR practices and processes are in place group-wide. This relates to recruitment practices, compensation and benefits, talent review and learning and development andcertifies all the policies we deliver are provided without any discrimination of any kind, safeguarding all employees against unfair judgement.

To help maintain our mission to focus on inclusivity for all, we set up Be You at URW employee networks across all our regions to champion the D&I strategy and create local initiatives. The D&I networks act as a sounding board and help to ensure that Be You at URW isnot just a framework, it is a living part of our business and way of being, to enable our teams to thrive together. I am very proud of everything our networks have achieved and working together with them is one of my personal highlights of the Be You programme.

From the creation of the Be You at URW, we, across the board felt it was, and still is, important that we work and collaborate with a variety of partners in our diversity programme including, Hiring our Heroes, Real Estate Balance, BITC’s Race at Work Charterand Working Families, among many others.Through conversations with these partners, we canunderstand the core issues across a wide range of diversity issues and therefore provide a framework in which to ensure our employees are heard and are reassured that we are providing training, advice, and processes to provide an inclusive workplace.

Whilst we have made great inroads with the Be You at URW programme, there is still a lot to be done, which is why in 2022 we are committed to making it an even more living and breathing ethos. We are launching a series of globallearning sessions in the New Yearto help us all be better allies and understand the nuances relating to inclusivity in the workplace. We kick things off with some of our own colleagues discussing LGBTQ+ inclusion and their journey to finding and being their true selves.

It is only through open and honest conversations where differences between people are celebrated, embraced, and valued that we can make for a stronger workplace and help everyone totruly feel welcome and be themselves.”