Ghassan Ali, Founder and CEO, Vision InternationalGhassan Ali, Founder and CEO
Visionary headhunter Ghassan Ali is often referred to as the pioneer of the executive search industry in Jordan. When he founded his headhunting firm Vision International in 1996, specializing in the banking sector, the region was not acquainted with the term ‘executive search.’ But within a brief period, Ali’s undeterred passion and his company’s expansive recruiting competencies garnered acclaim in the space. Not long after, the company became the central resource for the region’s executive search and recruitment, not just for the banking sector but also for a diverse range of domains, including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy, industrial, and real estate. More remarkably, the company earned a reputation for accomplishing confidential executive search assignments for some of the leading conglomerates and prominent royal families of the MENA region.

Fast forward to today; Vision International is a prime mover in solving its clients’ talent recruitment challenges by staying in lockstep with the ever-evolving staffing and recruiting needs in the Middle East, be it the recent shift to a candidate-driven headhunting or the surging remote hiring.

“Heeding to the constantly changing recruitment trends and conducting expansive executive search assignments over the past two decades across various sectors, we have been amassing one of the largest talent databases in the MENA region,” states Ali, founder and CEO of Vision International. This vast database boasts as a resource for top talents in Europe and North America as well, which further adds to Vision International’s competitive edge in the global executive search and recruitment space that none of its competitors can claim.

Especially with the rising remote working trend opening new avenues for global recruiting, it is increasingly important for international organizations to have consistent recruitment strategies worldwide. Vision International’s broad global talent database can considerably come to the aid of organizations on that front. Whether it is hiring an HR Head from the U.S. or U.K. for a client in Jordan or placing a CFO from Jordan in a leading U.K. bank, Vision International’s flexibility in such cross-border recruitments is the reason they have emerged as one of the most sought-after executive search firms in the Middle East.

All the Staffing Needs under One Roof

Today, as the MENA region is looking forward to a strong economic rebound from the pandemic-driven slowdown, organizations are preparing to ramp up their hiring to enhance revenue. For instance, three out of four companies in the UAE consider hiring the right talent as crucial to their growth plans, according to a recent HSBC survey. Against this backdrop, Vision International’s vast proficiency in accomplishing high-priority executive employee and board member search assignments is becoming ever-more significant. Vision International has a skilled team of consultants who are adept at identifying and sourcing the top talent around the globe while staying deep-rooted in the client’s work culture and environment. Thanks to their ample experience in handling such sensitive and confidential projects, organizations can rest assured that only the best and culturally fit candidates are being sourced.

Concurrently, Vision International also puts forth consulting services for organizations wanting to leverage superior third party human resource advisory. Their consulting services and comprehensive candidate database make it easy for organizations to hire the right candidate with the necessary skills.

Vision International even offers consulting services for the outplacement of employees. By employing Vision International’s consulting services, organizations can go the extra step to support employees after being laid off. Vision International’s consultants constantly guide the terminated employees to continue their professional careers by helping them get back on track. Maintaining such a positive relationship with laid-off employees is particularly important if it is due to reasons unrelated to the employee performance, such as downsizing. It enables the organization to reach out to the employee again in the future.

The firm also has a team of certified leadership coaches who conduct leadership and executive coaching services for individual employees, teams, and C-suite executives. Their executive team coaching services hugely benefit cross-functional teams looking to achieve alignment or prepare for a change initiative. For top level executives looking to enhance their leadership potential, the Founder-CEO Ali himself, a certified leadership coach and a member of the International Coach Federation, conducts one-on-one coaching sessions.

A Comprehensive Approach to Recruitment

Vision International’s competency in consulting can be further recognized from its elaborative recruitment approach. The whole process starts with a preliminary virtual team meeting of Vision International’s consultant recruiters from different parts of the world. The recruiters search for relevant candidates on Vision International’s candidate database and social media platforms like LinkedIn to compile an expansive list. The recruiters then review each profile based on the hiring criteria, such as the candidate’s experience, education, and location, before queuing a candidate for preliminary screening.
  • Vision International is a prime mover in solving its clients’ talent recruiting challenges by staying in lockstep with the ever-evolving staffing and recruiting needs in the Middle East, be it the recent shift to a candidate-driven headhunting or the surging remote hiring

The preliminary screening ensures that the recruiters convey necessary information regarding the job opportunity to the candidates right at the get-go and gather vital information on their experience and skills. The screening process also leverages psychological assessments to tap into a candidate’s attitude, verbal skills, behavior, and more. Once the preliminary screening is done, another team meeting of recruiters takes place to finalize the shortlist of potential candidates. Additional background and reference checks are also conducted at this stage for highly confidential roles. This comprehensive process empowers organizations to locate and secure the best available talent in the domain.

Ali oversees the entire search efforts and makes a final decision on the profiles. Once approved by him, the final list of profiles and resumes are forwarded to the client for the hiring process to begin. “We always maintain strict confidentiality throughout this process, which is well appreciated by our clients and candidates,” comments Ali.

The continuing success in accomplishing successful placements with such vigor makes Vision International the go-to executive search firm in the MENA region today. As organizations revamp their global recruitment strategies to hire a diverse slate of talent, Vision International’s broad proficiency in serving as a reliable staffing and recruitment partner in the competitive and dynamic international recruitment landscape can substantially aid them.